Paddle Board- Earth SUP Biscayne


New hard Earth SUP for $1495.00 at Redline Kayak Rentals and Sales. The Biscayne is designed for Touring & Exploration. Whether it be day trips or week long expeditions, these boards have exceptional glide to help you get deep into nature and far from civilization. Ideal for lighter weight to medium-size riders (110-190 lbs), the Biscayne’s unique chine and bottom contours keep it stable in all water conditions, even when loaded front and back with dry bags full of gear. Reinforced attachment points allow you to secure equipment and accessory items with ease. The rails are reinforced with flax fiber, known as ‘natures kevlar’, for added durability both on and off the water. A Cork deck pad provides exceptional comfort while being true to the sustainable earth ethos. We have many kayaks and paddle boards to choose from come check us out from 9am to 4pm. Redline Rentals and Sales 5025 e McKellips Mesa, AZ 85215 48zero 548 892one

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